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Dr. PKS Prakash


Project Manager

Contact Information

International Manufacturing Centre, WMG
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)24 765 74361



Prakash received his MS in Industrial and System Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States in 2006 where he also completed in 2010 his PhD in Industrial and System Engineering. He later moved to the University of Warwick where he completed a PhD in Engineering in 2012. Prakash research areas are in big data analytics in healthcare, manufacturing and banking domain. He has worked on diverse industrial and research projects involving predictive modelling, virtual metrology, predictive maintenance, root cause analysis, fraud detection and early warning systems.

Prior to joining WMG, he worked with Essex Lake Group as senior scientist and led global advance analytics group to support consulting projects and develop machine learning algorithm integrated with big data technologies such as HADOOP. He has also worked with Irish Centre of Manufacturing Research (ICMR), Ireland supported manufacturing industries in Ireland with Virtual metrology and predictive maintenance.

Currently, he is working on RLW Navigator Project focusing toward developing methodologies for process monitoring and control. His other research interest includes process monitoring and root cause analysis, predictive modelling, virtual metrology and multi-criteria decision making.



List of Published/Accepted Journals Papers:

N. Shukla, A. K. Choudhary, PKS. Prakash, K. J. Fernandes, and M. K. Tiwari, 2013, “Algorithm portfolios for logistics optimization considering stochastic demands and mobility allowance”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 141(1), PP. 146-166.

PKS Prakash, M. K. Tiwari, D. Ceglerak, 2012, “Constraint Based Fast Simulated Annealing (CBFSA) Approach to Solve the Disassembly Scheduling Problem,” accepted in International Journal of Advance Manufacturing Technology, vol. 60(9-12), pp. 1125-1137.


PKS Prakash and Ceglarek D., 2011, "Enhanced Piecewise Least Squares Approach For Diagnosis of Ill-Conditioned Multi-Station Assembly with Compliant Parts," accepted to Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture.

Prakash, L. Eduardo Izquierdo, D. Ceglarek, 2009, "Functional Process Adjustments for No-Fault-Found Product Failures in Service Caused by In-tolerance Faults," Annals of CIRP, 58/1.

V. Kumar, Prakash, M.K.Tiwari, and Felix. T. S. Chan, 2008, “Stochastic Make-To-Stock Inventory Deployment Problem: An Endosymbiotic Psychoclonal Algorithm Based Approach,” International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 44(11), pp. 2245–2263.

R. K. Singh, Prakash, S. Kumar, and M. K. Tiwari, 2007, “Psycho-Clonal approach to solve a TOC Product Mix Decision Problem,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (DOI: 10.1007/s00170-005-0019-8).

Shashi Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Prakash, R. Shankar, M.K.Tiwari, and S. B. Kumar, 2007, “Prediction of Flow Stress for Carbon Steels by Self Organizing Neurofuzzy Networks” Expert Systems with Applications Vol. 32(3), pp. 777–788.

S. Kumar, S. Kumar, Prakash, R.Shankar and M.K.Tiwari, 2006, “Solving Machine Loading of Random Type FMS using Constraint Based Algorithm with Fast Simulated Annealing (CBFSA)”, IEEE Trans. Systems, Man and Cybernetics – A: System and Humans, Vol. 36(6), pp. 1170-1184.

N. Mishra, Prakash, M. K. Tiwari, R. Shankar, and Felix. T. S. Chan, 2006, “Hybrid Tabu-Simulated Annealing Based Approach to Solve Multi-Constraint Product Mix Decision Problem,” Expert Systems with Applications Vol. 29(2), pp. 446-454.

A. Kumar, Prakash, M.K. Tiwari, and Ravi Shankar, 2006, “Solving Machine Loading Problem of a Flexible Manufacturing System With Constraint Based Genetic Algorithm,” European Journal of Operation Research, Vol. 175(2), pp. 1043-1069.

Saurabh Mishra, Prakash M. K. Tiwari and R. S. Lashkari, 2005, “A Fuzzy goal-programming model of machine-tool selection and operation allocation problem in FMS: A Quick Converging Simulated Annealing (QCSA) based approach,” International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 44(1), pp. 43-76.

A. M. Choubey, Prakash, Felix. T. S. Chan, and M. K. Tiwari, 2005, “Solving a Fixture Configuration Design Problem Using Genetic Algorithm with Learning Automata Approach,” International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 43(22), pp. 4721-4743.

M. K. Tiwari, Prakash, A. Kumar and A. R. Mileham, 2004, “Determination of Optimal Assembly Sequence Using Psycho-Clonal Algorithm,” Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Part-B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Vol. 219, pp. 137-149.


Selected Conference Publication/Presentation:

PKS Prakash, Ceglarek D., and Tiwari M. K., 2009, "Constraint Based Fast Simulated Annealing (CBFSA) Approach to Solve the Disassembly Scheduling Problem," published in 7th International Conferance on Manufacturing Research (ICMR' 09), University of Warwick, UK, September 8-10 2009.

PKS Prakash, and Ceglarek D.,2009, "Process Adjustment to Eliminate Fixture Failure Root Causes in Multi-station Assembly System for Multiple Products," published in The 7th International Conferance on Manufacturing Research (ICMR' 09), University of Warwick, UK, September 8-10 2009.

Prakash, D. Ceglerak, A. Tripathi, Z. Kong, 2007, "Diagnosis of Product of Failure in Ill-conditioned Multi-station Assembly Systems using Enhanced Piecewise Least Square Method" Published in proceedings of CIRP International Manufacturing Systems Seminar 2007, Liverpool, UK on 30 May -1 June 2007. Also Presented at INFORMS Annual meeting, Seattle, Washington, US, November 4-7, 2007.

Prakash and D. Ceglerak, 2006, "Fault Failure Diagnosis for Compliant Structure using Statistical Modal Analysis," Published in ASME 2006 International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Conference at Ypsilanti, MI, USA, on October 8-11, 2006.

Prakash and M. K. Tiwari, 2005, "Solving Disassembly Line Balancing Problem with Task Failure using a Psycho-Clonal Algorithm" Published in ASME 2005 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference at Long Beach, California, USA, on Sept 24-28, 2005.

Prakash, S. Kumar, S. Kumar and M. K. Tiwari, 2004, “Optimization of a Center Less Grinding Operation- A Six Sigma Approach,” Published/Presented in proceedings of the National Workshop on Implementation of Six-Sigma Programme in Foundry/Forge Industries at NIFFT Ranchi on 10th-11th April, 2004.


Book Chapter/Invited Publications:

Nagesh Shukla, and PKS Prakash, 2011, “Intelligent Fault Diagnosis through Psycho-Clonal Algorithm,” contributed chapter in Evolutionary Computing in Advanced Manufacturing, Scrivener Publishing LLC.

Prakash, Phoomboplab, Izquierdo L. E., and Ceglarek, D., 2009, "Self-Resilient Production Systems: Going Beyong Design Robustness," Keynote paper for the 2009 CIRP International Computer-Aided Tolerance Conference, March 26-27, Annecy, France.


Technical Reports / White Papers:

Bahman Honari, PKS Prakash, and S. McLoone, “Vistakon Lens Defect Analysis”, Technical Report ICMR12-01 submitted to Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR).

PKS Prakash and S. McLoone, “Optimal Wafer Site Selection for wafer map construction using virtual metrology and dynamic sampling”, Technical Report ICMR12-02 submitted to Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research (ICMR).