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Rashid Muhammed


Project Title

Developing a MATLAB script for image processing and data acquiring of the Remote Laser Welded joints.

Project Objective

The objective of the project is to create a script that automatically measures the geometrical parameters of the Remote Laser Welded joints.


Born and raised in Birmingham, England, I have worked through the complete English education system culminating with a 2-year study at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College where I graduated with A-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in 2016. Consequently, I was a finalist at Youth Achievement Awards 2014, organised by Community Foundation. Thereafter, I enrolled onto a Master's course in Civil Engineering at the University of Warwick and have completed the first year.

Currently I am a research intern for the Remote Laser Welding Navigator within the DLM group at WMG, where I am developing code for the automatic isolation of welded seams in experimental samples as well as for KPI measurements of dimensions within the seams for the accumulation of experimental data. The completion of this objective will replace the manual process of taking measurements on screen and provide clear guidelines for the polishing, etching and microscopy processes which I hope will save vital research time.