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Richard Weston


Honorary Fellow

Contact Information

International Manufacturing Centre, WMG
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom


University Education

1965-68 University of London. First class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1968-1971 Southampton University. PhD degree in speech recognition and synthesis based on digital models of the auditory system
Career Progression
1962-68 Assistant Experimental Officer in the Scientific Civil Service. Designed and developed HF, VHF and UHF communications equipment for telemetry and antennae positioning.
1971-72 Lecturer at Bournemouth College of Technology. Teaching second and third year undergraduate courses for External London degrees. Also involved in the design of servo-mechanisms for low cost automation.
1972-86 Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering Production, Loughborough University of Technology.
1986-2011 Professor of Flexible Automation – in 1986, awarded a Personal Chair based on quality and quantity of research publications
1990-95 Pro-Vice Chancellor (for Research), Loughborough University of Technology.
1992- 2011 Founder member and Head of the MSI Research Institute
2005-2011 Founder member and Academic Director of the UK Centre of Excellence for Customise Assembly.
2011 -2013 Consultant Professor to Cranfield University
2011-Present Founder and Director of Manufacturing System Integration Ltd
2011- Present Founder and Director of Manufacturing Modelling Ltd
2013-Present Honorary Fellow in WMG, Warwick University

Summary of Research Interests and Activities

Research interests have spanned many aspects flexible automation and large-scale enterprise engineering. Conceived and industrially applied emergent methods and techniques for: 'enterprise modelling', ‘resource and workflow modelling’ 'component-based machine engineering', 'large scale systems integration’, and the ‘virtual engineering of manufacturing architectures in support of business growth’.

Authored or co-authored over 350 publications in the above areas.

Principle Investigator for more than 60 significantly sized EPSRC, EC and industry funded research grants

Successfully supervised circa 65 PhD students primarily in areas related to:

Flexibility Theory

System Integration Concepts, Mechanisms and Computational Infrastructures

Enterprise Modelling Concepts and Representational Techniques

Process and Workflow Concepts and Tools

Model Execution and Connecting Virtual and Real Enterprise Systems

Externally examined circa 35 UK, European & Asia Pacific PhD theses

Significant Science and Technology Appointments- have included

Member of the Robotics sub-committee of the Numerical Engineering Society (1983-94)

Member of European MAP Users Group EMUG Executive Committee. Also EMUG working group 3 member on real-time control (1985/89).

Invited expert for assessment of numerous SERC/ACME Directorate funded research projects. Also assisted in ACME planning (1986 onwards).

UK representative of EC Tripartite working party on "sensor standards" (1986/87).

Member of BSI AMT/2 Robotics Sub Committee (1987/91).

Member of MPVI Sub-committee of the SERC Electro-mechanical Engineering Committee (1987/92).

UK delegation leader for DTI seminar on CIM with Bulgarian Industrialists/Academics (1988).

Member of the Programme Management Committee of the SERC/DTI LINK on the "Design of High Speed Machinery (DHSM)" (1989 onwards).

Member of UK delegation on Tripartite (Australia, New Zealand, UK) Research into Manufacturing Technology (1990).

Advisor to SERC/ACME Directorate on new strategy in "Manufacturing Systems Integration" (1990 onwards).

Member of the DTI "Technology and Research Steering Committee" for the Programme of Competitive Manufacturing (PCM) (1992 onwards).

Member of the SERC/DTI ITAB Sub-Committee on Multimedia Networking Applications (1994 onwards).

Member of EPSRC Engineering College (1995-97 and 1999 -2005).

Member of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Technical Committee on 'Architectures for enterprise integration' of United Kingdom

Automatic Control Council (UKACC). (1994-97)

Vice-Chair of the IFIP Working Group 5.12 on Architectures for Enterprise Integration (1996-99).

Member of IEPM'03 scientific committee (2003)

Member of IFAC-CEA07 programme committee (2006-

Commissioned to compile MAP/TOP report for SERC (ACME) research community, involving study tours of United States (1986/87).

Commissioned by SERC/ACME to compile report on new generations of flexible machines, study tour of United States, Japan and Europe (1987).

Appointed as ICL adviser on computer integrated manufacture to assist in strategic planning (1988-92).

Appointed Theme Monitor of the "Computer Control of Machines and Processes" area of the SERC/DTI LINK Programme on the Design of High

Speed Machines (1990 onwards).

Delivered Opening Address at the 4th World Conference on Robotics, Pittsburgh, USA (Sept 91).

Delivered 'Opening Keynote Address' at the Int. Conf. on CIM, Singapore (91).

Delivered Opening Address at the Int. Conf. on CIMS in Tsinghai Uni, China (June 92).

D Deliver Opening Address at the 10th National Conf. on Manufacturing Research, UK (94).

Deliver Opening Address at the Manufacturing Research Conference in Nigeria, (2006).

Deliver Opening Address at the Manufacturing Research Conference in Sanya, China (2007).

Member of International Program Committee for Stimulating Manufacturing Excellence in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMESME’99), Plymouth, UK, March 99.

Referee for the British Council Franco-Alliance Joint Research programme:

Member of International Program Committee for CIRP Seminar on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2002), Italy, July, 2002.

Member of International Program Committee for ICME 2003, Melbourne Australia, October 2003.

Member of the International Scientific Committee (ISC) of GMI 2006 (Global Manufacturing and Innovation Conference).Coimbatore, India.

Member of the International Advisory Board for 4th International IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN’06), 16-18 August 2006, Singapore.

Member of the International Advisory Committee for the 2nd IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA 2007), to be held 23-25 May, 2007 in Harbin, China.

Consultant Editor for "The Automation Manufacturing Directory" (1983/88) which was published annually by Morgan Grampian, Woolwich, London.

Member of Editorial Board of "International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing" (1987 onwards).

Member of IEE Editorial Panel for the 'Computer Aided Engineering Journal' (1988/90).

Chairman of IEE Editorial Advisory Panel of IEE Computer Aided Engineering Journal (1990/91).

Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the Int. Journal of Design and Manufacturing.

Member of IEE Editorial Panel for the Computing and Control Engineering Journal.

Member of Editorial Advisory Board of the Int. Journal of Integrated Manufacturing Systems.

Member of Editorial Board of Int. Journal of Agile Manufacturing Systems (1996 onwards).

Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Business Performance Management (1998 onwards

A few recent Research Publications

1.“The enhanced use of enterprise and simulation modelling techniques to support factory changeability”, (with A Rahimifard). IJCIM, Vol. 20, No.4, June 2007, 307-328. DOI: 10.1080/09511920600793220.

2. “Modelling dynamic of value streams in support of process design and evaluation” IJCIM, 22(5), 411-427 (2009)

3. 'Systems approach to modelling cost and value dynamics in manufacturing enterprises‟(with Agyapong-Kodua K), IJPR 11 May 2010

4. ‘Modelling the effect of product variations on the design of Economy of Scope Manufacturing Systems’ (with Cui Z) I. J. of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 23(1), 61-86( 2010)

5. Unified modelling in support of organisation design and change‟(with S. Rashid and T. Masood). IMechE Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture. 223(8), pp. 1055-1079, September (2009)

6. "On modelling reusable components of change capable manufacturing systems” (with A. Rahimifard, J. Ajaefobi and Cui Z), IMechE 313-336. (2009).

7. 'Towards the derivation of an integrated process cost-modelling technique for complex manufacturing systems', (with with Agyapong-Kodua K & Wahid B.M.) International Journal of Production Research 2011, 1–17,

8. ‘‘Enterprise and simulation modelling in architecture execution’, (with Cui Z) Int. J. Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2011

9. "Development of a multi-product cost and value stream modelling methodology" by Agyapong-Kodua, Kwabena; Ajaefobi, JO; Weston, R H; Ratchev, Svetan; I JPR Feb 2012

10. ‘ Model Driven Integrated Decision-Making in Manufacturing Enterprises by Weston R.H Journal: Advances in Decision Sciences Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 328349, 29 pages doi:10.1155/2012/328349

11. The Integrated Use of Enterprise and System Dynamics Modelling Techniques in Support of Business Decisions’ by K. Agyapong-Kodua, R. H. Weston and S. Ratchev, J Advances in Decision Sciences 2012. Article ID 804324, doi 10. 1155/2012/804324

12. Design of an Integrated Methodology for Analytical Design of Complex Supply Chains’ by Rashid S & Weston R.H.; J Advances in Decision Sciences 2012. Article ID 804324, doi 10. 1155/2012/589254