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VRM 3.0 (Variation Response Method), 2018

The tool offers the possibility to evaluate and optimise assembly fixtures, with the following capability:
• Variation Simulation Analysis (VSA) for deformable parts
• Assembly process simulation with compliant sheet-metal parts
• Fixture capability optimisation with stochastic product variations

• Fixture design synthesis of assembly systems
• Fixture design tasks’ integration at early-stage design
• Robust fixture layout optimisation with non-ideal sheet-metal parts
• Novel concept of fixture capability as a representation of the most likely feasible design solutions

The optimum fixture configuration is based on the concept of "Stochastic Fixture Capability" index, which allows for the estimation of a desired process fallout rate in the case of product quality failures or violation of process requirements during production, in the presence of stochastic variations as generating from real manufacturing process.


Figure 3. Fixture Analyser & Optimiser - software introduction

Figure 4. Fixture Analyser & Optimiser - remote laser welding process optimisation


Digital Design & Manufacturing Track


Effect of Fibre Orientation on Diastolic Mechanics of Human Ventricle by Arnab Palit, Sunil K. Bhudia, Theodoros N.Arvanitis, Victoria Sherwood, Sarah Wayte, Glen A. Turley, Mark A. Williams (PDF Document)

Non-Ideal Part Generation at Early Design Phase for Assembly Process Optimisation Using a Conditional Random Field Approach by Manoj Babu, Pasquale Franciosa, Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document) 


Fixture Layout Analyser & Optimiser by Pasquale Franciosa and Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document)

Laser Process Parameters Optimiser by Pasquale Franciosa and Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document)

Part Variation Modeller by Abhishek Das, Pasquale Franciosa and Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document)

Process Monitoring & Control Track


In-Process Monitoring of Remote Laser Welding Process Based on Decoupled Multiple-physics Simulation by Erkan Caner Ozkat, Pasquale Franciosa, Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document)

Self-resilient Reconfigurable Assembly System with In-Process Quality Improvement by Pasquale Franciosa and Darek Ceglarek(PDF Document)


Weld Quality Performance Evaluator by Pasquale Franciosa and Darek Ceglarek (PDF Document)