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Elvan Gokalp


Teaching Fellow

Contact Information

International Manufacturing Centre, WMG
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL United Kingdom
E-mail: elvan dot gokalp at warwick dot ac dot uk


PhD. in Operational Research, Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK, 2018,

MSc. Management Science, London School of Economics, UK, 2013,

BSc. Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey, 2012.


Elvan’s background is Industrial Engineering. Her general research interests lie in business analytics, stochastic programming, simulation, dynamic programming, integer programming, data analytics and robust optimization in real-life applications. She has been mainly working on healthcare applications of several Operations Research/Management Science tools during my PhD. In her undergraduate completion project, she used System Dynamics, a simulation method for dynamic and complex systems, to model the dialysis treatment in children with chronic kidney failure.

In her MSc. dissertation, she developed an approach to manage multi-threat systems involving delays. The approach was applied into the management of an agricultural farm consisting of lemon trees. The main research question in this application was how to minimize the agrochemical levels to decrease the pollution while also maintaining the growth of trees in the desired fashion. The system was modelled by using an anticipatory System Dynamics method.

Her PhD thesis consists of three studies. The first one is about the capacity planning of stem-cell donation centres. The second project is about the management and capacity planning of a surgery suite. In her third project, she modelled the capacity planning problem of a central authority that buys contract-based healthcare service from several providers in a network. Data-driven and stochastic programming approaches are used during the modelling.

Currently, she is a teaching fellow in Healthcare Operational Management. She teaches in various operational management and quality related modules. Besides, she continues her research on operational research/management applied to healthcare and medical problems.


Gokalp, E, Gulpinar N, Doan V. “Capacity Planning for Networks of Stem-cell Donation Centres under Uncertainty” to appear, Productions and Operations Management, 2019.

Gokalp, E, Gulpinar N, Doan V. “Dynamic Surgery Management under Uncertainty", R&R, European Journal of Operational Research, 2019.

Gokalp, E, Tekin D, Basar G., Barlas Y. “Dynamic Modeling of Peritoneal Dialysis and Its Implementation in Children with Chronic Kidney Failure" in Proceedings of ISDC 2013.



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