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Dr Rehab Al Botros


University of Warwick
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)2476 574361
Office: IMC - room 351 (3rd Floor)


Dr Rehab Al Botros is a Research Fellow at WMG, University of Warwick. Her research focus is manufacturing process monitoring / control, and characterisation of laser welding joints and their quality improvement. Dr Al Botros earned her PhD in Analytical Electrochemistry and Surface Characterisation at the University of Warwick in 2015.

  • Combinatorial Localized Dissolution Analysis: Application to Acid-induced Dissolution of Dental Enamel and the Effect of Surface Treatments A. S. Parker, R. Al Botros, S. L. Kinnear, M. E. Snowden, K. McKelvey, A. T. Ashcroft, M. Carvell, A. Joiner, M. Peruffo, C. Philpotts, P. R. Unwin, J. Colloid Interface Sci, 2016, 476, 94-102.
  • Simultaneous Nanoscale Surface Charge and Topographical Mapping D. Perry, R. Al Botros, D. Momotenko, S. L. Kinnear, P. R. Unwin, ACS Nano, 2015, 9(7), 7266-7276.
  • Measurement of the efficacy of calcium silicate for the protection and repair of dental enamel A. S. Parker, A. N. Patel, R. Al Botros, M. E. Snowden, K. McKelvey, P. R. Unwin, A. T. Ashcroft, M. Carvell, A Joiner, M. Peruffo, Journal of Dentistry, 2014, 42 (1), 21-29.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Dual Function Nanoscale pH-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) Probes for High Resolution pH Mapping B. P. Nadappuram, K. McKelvey, R. Al Botros, A. W. Colburn, P. R. Unwin, Anal. Chem., 2013, 85(17), 8070-8074.