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Using the multi-functional Engel v-Duo 1700 tonne press, we perform R&D and demonstration activities for all high-volume automotive candidate processes: prepreg compression moulding, SMC compression moulding, thermoplastic rapid stamp forming and multi-material compression moulding. More info here.


Recognising the key to high volume automotive composite manufacture is automation, we're equipped with an automated cutting table, robotic pick and place for automated lay-up and loading on the Engel v-Duo and the preforming line. More info here


With a dedicated 150 tonne preforming cell with a high level of automation and advanced material handling, the focus is on complex preforming of dry fabrics, dry NCF and pre-impregnated thermoset or thermoplastic composite materials. More info here.


Our Hennecke Streamline system is suitable for HP-RTM with seamless integration with the Engel v-Duo press. More info here.


We offer both mechanical and analytical materials characterisation using state of the art facilities. This characterisation capability is critical in the optimisation of manufacturing processes and is also used to provide high-quality input data for predictive CAE activities and subsequent validation of models. More info here.


We are developing reliable process simulation capability for the key manufacturing processes: SMC compression moulding, complex preforming and resin transfer moulding. More info here.


High Volume Automotive Composite Manufacturing

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The research team within the ACRC works with industry to develop high-volume composites manufacturing processes for automotive components.

We are partners in the UK Composites Innovation Cluster and are involved in multi-partner projects with companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Aston Martin.

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within our dedicated facility