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Computed Tomography

X-ray Computed Tomography

X-ray CT is an established technology, well known for its medical application, which is gaining new interest due to its industrial applications. This technology collects numerous 2D radiographs that are then reconstructed to 3D models using algorithms such as Filtered Back Projection (FBP) algorithm.

The results of the reconstructions characterise the outer and inner structure of the part including any defects, altered densities and hidden constructions in the case of Additive Manufacturing (AM) parts. CT is used in several industries such as in food, automotive and aerospace industry.

  • 3D non-destructive image acquisition of small parts
  • Well suited for materials characterisation
  • High resolution – sub-micron resolution detailed 3D representation of objects
  • Versatility – output in a wide range of digital formats including dimensional analysis, fly through video files, rapid prototyping and CAD
  • Micro CT scanning enables the high resolution capture of the complete 3D volume of an object
  • This technology is used for the non-destructive measurement of objects and the dimensional inspection of its internal features


CT Scanner