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CT Equipment

Zeiss Versa 520

The 520 X-ray CT scanner is capable of 3D non-destructive imaging of small objects (< 90mm) and materials samples from a 25 micron resolution down to 170 nm, restricted by the size of the part.

  • Maximum Voltage: 160kV source
  • Achievable Resolution: 170nm - 25µm voxel resolution
  • Maximum object diameter : 45mm (90mm wide field mode)
  • Phase contrast and local tomography

Zeiss Versa 520

Nikon XT H 225/320 LC

The Nikon industrial computed tomography (CT) scanner uses x-ray equipment to produce highly detailed three dimensional images of components. The results can be used for non-destructive investigation, flaw detection, porosity calculation, digital volume correlation, dimensional measurement and reverse engineering.

  • Maximum Voltage: 225kV or 320kV (based on the source)
  • Achievable Resolution: 5 – 170 µm voxel resolution
  • Maximum object diameter: 280mm
  • Maximum object height: 600mm

Nikon XT H 225/320 LC

Nikon XT H 450RT/750RT

450kV/450W source Rotating Target
  • 80 - 113µm voxel resolution (Micro-focus)

  • 3D and 2D detector (Flat panel and CLDA)

  • Penetrate 30mm Steel - 80mm Aluminium

  • Large cabinet

750kV/750W source Rotating Target
  • 50µm maximum voxel resolution (Micro-focus)
  • 3D and 2D detector (Flat panel and CLDA)
  • Penetrate 60mm Steel - 200mm of Aluminium