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We have the latest metrology facilities, including a twin column CNC coordinate measuring machine, an optical CMM, two 3D laser scanner and four industrial CT scanners. With considerable industrial and academic knowledge in dimensional management and quality inspection, we assist West Midlands automotive OEMs and SMEs, to gain access to the latest technologies and develop new business processes.

The ability to assess manufacturing quality and to identify and resolve issues as early as possible is a critical aspect of new product development. Measuring a product's internal and external geometrical features needs to be quick and accurate, whether the component is the size of a small screw or as large as a whole car.

Post-processing and analysis of the 3D measurement data poses unique challenges for complex parts and the research group works on overcoming these challenges by developing novel methods to address the measurement requirements of next generation products.

We can also deliver comprehensive materials performance information, from the generation of simple engineering property datasets for new materials to the high-speed impact testing of structural components. By combining our expertise in materials forensics and characterisation we can assist you in determining the origin of micro-structural defects in any engineering part.

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