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Advanced elastomeric nanocomposites for energy harvesting

An EPSRC-iCASE project to develop high performance piezoelectric and dielectric polymer nanocomposites through novel intrinsic modification approaches, for flexible energy generators and actuators.

Anticorrosion nanocoatings for steels

The EPSRC-iCASE project is to develop functional nanocomposite coatings via emulsion polymerisation and melt-extrusion technologies. The enhanced anticorrosion performance are derived from the improved barrier and redox functions of the coating.


This EU H2020-funded research project aims at developing thinner and stronger biomedical scaffolds based on bioresorbable polymer nanocomposites. More information on the project can be found here:

BIaxial STRETCHing

BIaxial STRETCHing of PLLA-WS2 nanocomposites FOR thinner and stronger BIOMEDical scaffolds - Bi-Stretch-4-Biomed, funded by the European Commission.

Chemical synthesis and processing of biodegradable polymers for packaging

Two industry-funded projects will look at new types of biodegradable polymers through copolymerisation and melt-extrusion, mainly targeting packaging and engineering applications.

Cross-scale prediction of antimicrobial resistance

Cross-scale prediction of antimicrobial resistance: from molecules to populations. Funded by EPSRC.

Flash sintering of Composite Ceramic Materials and Structures

Flash sintering of composite ceramic materials and structures, funded by EPSRC.


This EU H2020-funded project aims at developing a cheap energy through a lithium-ion energy storage system offering in-service time of 20-25 years. More information on the project can be found here: