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Group News

12/18: Paper published on chemo-mechanical modelling the effects of polymer coatings on stress-assisted lithiation reactions in Li-ion battery electrode particles - the work was partially sponsored by Energy GRP through an internship of Philip Lippmann.

11/18: Multiscale Materials Modelling conference in Osaka, Japan: Mikhail presented a novel multi-scale modelling approach for nonlinear chemo-mechanical problems for heterogenous materials for energy storage

10/18: Behzad Abedi re-joins the Group as a PhD student to work on micromechanical modelling of dielectric elastomers

09/18: Paper on a novel numerical method for simulating moving chemical reaction fronts was published in Computational Mechanics.

07/18: Current Group members (from left to right): Nathan, Edyta, Mikhail, Philip and Lukasz


07/18: Philip Lippmann joined the Group as Energy GRP-funded summer research student to work on micromechanical modelling of materials for energy storage.

06/18: Behzad Abedi (MAS CDT) has won a prize during MAS CDT annual conference for his mini-MSc project on biaxial behaviour of dielectric elastomers

06/18: Mikhail presented a Keynote Lecture at the 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics in Glasgow on a novel numerical method for finite-strain mechano-chemistry

03/18: Mikhail's and Lukasz's paper, in collaboration with Prof. A.B. Freidin, on a chemo-mechanical model for non-viscoelastic solids has been published in the International Journal of Engineering Science.

03/18: Edyta presented a poster at the 17th International Conference on Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers, in the Rolduc Abbey, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

09/17: Katerina Gonos (WMG Summer Internship) and Kharmen Billimoria (MAS CDT) completed their summer internship and mini-MSc project, respectively, in the Group. Kharmen's excellent work has led to a paper published in the European Polymer Journal, in collaboration with Dr E. Heeley.

08-09/17: Lukasz has been appointed as Visiting Associate at Caltech (Prof Kornfield Group)

07/17: Lukasz gave an invited talk at the 3rd UK-China Symposium on Polymer Nanocomposites at the Sichuan University (China). The paper from his talk has been published in the Composites Communications journal.

06/17: Mikhail presented a paper on the theory and modelling of chemo-mechanical problems for energy-storage applications at the International Conference on Materials Modelling in Rome (Italy).

11/16: WP4 SINBAT project meeting in WMG/IINM, with partners from MCL (Austria), University of Warsaw (Poland) and WMG.

01/09/16: Dr Mikhail Poluektov has joined the NMG in the IINM as Research Fellow in the Horizon 2020 research project SINTBAT. He will work on the development of chemo-mechanical theory and modelling/simulation tools for predicting the of Si-based Li-ion batteries. Mikhail received his PhD from the Eindhoven University (the Netherlands) for his work on micromechanical modelling of semi-crystalline polymers, followed by his post-doctoral research work on concurrent multiscale modelling of magnetic materials at the Uppsala University in Sweden.

11-19/07/16: Edyta attended the Molecular Simulation Summer School at the University of Lancaster (UK). The School was co-organised by the CCP5 and CECAM (Centre Europeen de Calcul Atomique et Moleculaire).

01/03/16: Research project 'Silicon based materials and new processing technologies for improved lithium-ion batteries' SINTBAT funded by EU H2020 has started, and supported by VARTA. The SINTBAT project aims at the development of a cheap energy through a lithium-ion energy storage system offering in-service time for 20-25 years. More information on the project objectives and partners can be found here. The modelling activities in the project are led by Dr. Dhammika Widanalage (electrochemistry) and Lukasz (multiscale material modelling).

04/02/16: Lukasz contributed to a short article about the UK need for multiscale modelling of graphene-based materials, including polymer-graphene nanocomposites, and stronger academia-industry interaction to address the challenge.

01/02/16: Research project BI-STRETCH-PLLA-WS2-FOR-BIOMED (BIaxial STRETCHing of PLLA-WS2 nanocomposites FOR thinner and stronger BIOMEDical scaffolds) has started. The project is funded by the Horizon 2020 MC RISE action, and it involves respective PIs from the ENEA in Italy (Dr T. Di Luccio), Queens University Belfast (Dr G. Menary), University of Warwick (Lukasz), and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the USA (Prof J. Kornfield).

04/01/16: Nathan Parsons has started his PhD project in the Group. He will study nanoscopic behaviour of polymer-graphene nanocomposites using advanced experimental and modelling approaches. His PhD project is co-funded by the CDT in Molecular and Analytical Sciences (MAS) and WMG. His is co-supervised by Dr Neil Wilson from the Physics Department at Warwick.

30/11-04/12/15: Lukasz attended the Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling Workshop held in the Isaac Newton Institute (INI) for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge.


11/15: Edyta Dzikon has started her PhD project in the Group on Multiscale Modelling of Interfacial Interactions in Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposites. Her PhD project is funded by the WMG.

10/15: Lukasz gave an invited talk at the 2nd Sino-UK Symposium on Polymer Nanocomposites at the Donghua University in Shanghai (China) on 'Prediction of Local and Overall Behaviour of Polymer Nanocomposites via Multiscale Modelling'.

2nd UK-China

09/15: Felipe, Avantika and James (shown below) completed their summer research internships in the IINM.


09/15: Henry Charlesworth from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World Systems has completed his MSc project in the Group. He was co-supervised by Dr David Quigley from the Department of Physics.

06/15: Nathan Parsons completed his MSc mini-project in the Group.

03/15: Lukasz attended 16th International Conference on Deformation, Yield and Fracture of Polymers, in the Rolduc Abbey, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.