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The ability to assess manufacturing quality and to identify and resolve issues as early as possible is a critical aspect of new product development. Measuring a product's internal and external geometrical features needs to be quick and accurate, whether the component is the size of a small screw or as large as a whole car.

Post-processing and analysis of the 3D measurement data poses unique challenges for complex parts and the research group works on overcoming these challenges by developing novel methods to address the measurement requirements of next generation products.

We can also deliver comprehensive materials performance information, from the generation of simple engineering property datasets for new materials to the high-speed impact testing of structural components. By combining our expertise in materials forensics and characterisation we can assist you in determining the origin of micro-structural defects in any engineering part.

Metrology is one aspect of the work of the Product Evaluation Technologies (PET ) research group. With considerable industrial and academic knowledge in dimensional management and quality inspection, the group assists West Midlands automotive OEMs and SMEs, to gain access to the latest technologies and develop new business processes.

About the PET Group

Coordinate Measuring Meaching (CMM) in action


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Current Projects

Current projects include:

PVCIT (Premium Vehicle Customer Interface Technologies) is a unique research and development facility that provides companies direct access to the latest product evaluation technologies and processes along with the expertise to identify solutions appropriate to real world engineering problems.

Transforming the Role of Simulation in New Product Development: This is a Technolgy Strategy Board project with Simpact and NP Aerospace, that will address key challenges in the area of deriving and reusing knowledge by improving the correlations between impact simulation and real world performance. It will help engage end users in product design by communicating critical information in highly visual and understandable formats, to facilitate decision making during target setting and performance analysis.

Inside-out: Statistical methods for Computed Tomography validation of complex structures in Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM): This project explores methods by which the process of determining the extent to which the digital design has been correctly realised may be carried out more rapidly than at present.


The PET group has a strong background in manufacturing quality and measurement technologies in the automotive industry. Facilities include:

See full details of the technical equipment we have available.

Key Publications

Evaluation of range of motion restriction within the hip joint
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing
Turley, G. A., Williams, M. A. (Mark A.), Wellings, R. M. (Richard M.) and Griffin, Damian R.

Evaluating user response to in-car haptic feedback touchscreens using the Lane Change Test
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction
Pitts, Matthew, Skrypchuk, Lee, Wellings, Tom, Attridge, Alex and Williams, M. A. (Mark A.)

Inconsistency in 9mm bullets measured with non-destructive X-ray computed tomography
Forensic Science International
Kumar, Jagadeesha, Landheer, Dirk, Barnes-Warden, Jane, Fenne, Paul, Attridge, Alex and Williams, M. A. (Mark A.)

Media and Press

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