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WMG Research in NAIC

The future of automotive will be smarter, lighter, greener transportation. NAIC will be the largest research centre of its kind in Europe and will enable industry to work side-by-side with academics on leading edge research to deliver exciting new products.

NAIC will enhance the UK's capacity and capability in key areas of automotive research including:

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Smart and Connected Vehicle research covers several broad areas such as Autonomous Operations, Next Generation Intelligent Systems and Future HMI (Human-Machine Interface). R&D priorities for the automotive industry include

  • Driverless vehicles
  • Self-Learning vehicles
  • Cloud vehicles
  • HMI optimisation
  • Electrical Architectures and Connectivity

Immersive Simulated Environments

The success of smart and connected technologies will depend upon R&D which can demonstrate proven safety, security and robustness in order to grow public acceptance. Testing these technologies on-road in real-world driving situations is often complex, uncontrollable and potentially dangerous for early stage development. It is also reliant on the production of costly physical prototypes.

NAIC research will provide immersive, simulated environments for smart and connected vehicles to support the accelerated development and adoption of advanced technologies required for next generation vehicles. Simulation can support R&D across all stages of product development from definition to modelling and real-world application.

Research will be supported by NAIC's world leading drive-in simulator facility.

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Advanced Propulsion Systems

WMG's research team in Advanced Propulsion Systems will leverage NAIC's world-leading infrastructure to create next generation propulsion technologies that are central to the future competitiveness of the automotive industry. The research scope will focus on internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric systems, lightweight vehicle technology and advanced automotive control systems.

Within NAIC's Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory, the team will address the technology needs that are critical to the future competitiveness of the automotive industry.

Key challenges will include:

  • Energy storage and management, battery systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Systems Control and Integration
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Fuels

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