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ALM of Nickel-Based Superalloy Metal Matrix Composites

The Additive Manufacture of high Aluminium and Titanium content (y'-phase) Nickel based superalloys is particularly problematic as the repeated weld passes encourage Strain Age Cracking to occur either during solidification of re-melted layers or during heat treatment, as the strengthening Aluminium and Titanium precipitates rapidly grow and strain the material causing failure.

Metal Matrix Composites may provide a route to increase the mechanical properties available via an ALM processing route, basing the composite upon a highly weldable matrix alloy, but employing the reinforcing effect of ceramic particles (such as Alumina, Silicon Carbide or Titanium Carbide) to improve the high temperature mechanical properties without the cracking problems associated with high y' content alloys.



Dave Cooper

PhD Student (Graduated)