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Engaging Young People with Assistive Technologies

Students with learning difficulties and disabilities at Hereward College in Coventry have expert knowledge of disability and what assistance is needed by young people living with disability. This project is about enabling them to tailor the design of tools and accessories to their own requirements and to investigate how they can share their designs and expertise with the wider community. By providing this opportunity we aim to raise aspirations of Hereward students, as they are currently unlikely to go into STEM areas.

Read more about this project on the Assistive Technology Project Pages

A collaboration between WMG, Department of Computer Science and Hereward College, the project aims to:

1. Change the perception that STEM careers are ‘not for me’ for students at Hereward College leading to individuals accessing Higher Education, and careers within the STEM subjects

2. Combine the expertise within the university in 3D design and printing and adaptation of online tools with the untapped potential at Hereward College

3. Educate students and young users of assistive technologies in the tools of creating and sharing designs

4. Enable Hereward students to explore and share 3D design and printing to develop specific and individualised accessories, spares & repairs.

5. Build relationships with the University, industry, public bodies and wider audiences.

The project is funded through the STEM project Innovation Programme.

Watch the video about the project:


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