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Exploiting ALM for Fighting Armoured Vehicles

In adopting ALM for the manufacture of components for AFV, both as part of initial vehicle manufacture and as part of the support process including deployed manufacture on operations, the following principal research questions must be answered:

What AM configurations enable the manufacture of AFV components?Which components may be manufactured without modification from their original form and which nmay be manufactured subject to minor design modification to compensate for changes in material properties? How does the location of the AM systems (e.g. either as part of initial vehicle manufacture at OEM facilities vs deployed manufacture of spares on operations) impact upon AM configurations and component manufacturability?

What is the relationship between the AM configuration and the different types of business model for incomplete or servitized products?How would the integration of AM components impact on risk contracting and transformation strategy for the business (including safety and governance)?

It is proposed that these research questions be investigated through the evaluation of the hypothesis that the adoption of an ‘Incomplete Product’ business model would enable industry to deliver ‘incomplete’ products as platforms for customers to tailor the use of equipment to contexts through AM and other potential hybrid AM and digital technologies whilst adhering to a core safety case which can be adapted and fulfilled by UK MoD.

Funded through the EPSRC Industrial CASE and BAE Systems Combat Vehicles (UK)



Prof Irene Ng:

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