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At present a major difficulty holding back ALM is the problem of determining the extent to which the digital design has been correctly realised by the process: direct verification typically involves lengthy analysis of individual manufactured objects using Computed Tomography (CT) scans, tending to vitiate the advantages of ALM for general purposes.


The purpose of this project is to explore methods by which this quality assurance process may be carried out more rapidly. The investigation will be carried out by a close collaboration between engineers and statisticians at Warwick using statistical techniques including random fields, false discovery rate methods, and ideas from stochastic geometry.


Inside-Out is funded through the EPSRC, Future Manufacturing with Mathematical Sciences Call, Grant number EP/K031066/1, and is a collaboration between WMG, Department of Statistics, EOS Electro Optic Systems, Renishaw plc and Nikon Metrology


CT image


Prof Wilfrid Kendal (Department of Statistics)

Dr Greg Gibbons,, +44 24 7652 2524

Prof Mark Williams,, +44 24 765 75361