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PVOH Composite Active Packaging

This project aims to deliver step-change developments in material composition and manufacturing capability of complex biodegradable and water soluble plastic components that will transform existing supply chains in terms of resource efficiency and environmental impact. This break-through of novel active-self-packaging materials technology will potentially enable decentralization of manufacturing capability in a range of industrial sectors, a supply chain innovation that TSB funding has already demonstrated to yield substantial reductions in environmental impacts, including road transport and associated emissions. In the first instance this project will seek to deliver resource efficiency in the laundry product supply chain, using decentralized manufacture of unit dose products to reduce road transport, enable the elimination of detergent builders and encourage the implementation of low temperature wash additives through novel active-self-packaging materials.

The project is a Innovate UK funded collaboration between WMG, and a number of UK SMEs and end users.




Dr Greg Gibbons,, +44 24 7652 2524