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What is Additive Layer Manufacturing?

The Process:

In the 1990s music went digital with the MP3…

In the 2000s video went digital with DVD, YouTube, etc…

2010-2020 is set to be the rise of Digital Manufacturing.

Pressing a button on your keyboard which results in digitally materialising a physical product has been the fascination of science-fiction for decades.

Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) is a relatively recent family of manufacturing technologies which is making that dream a reality. Through ALM, objects digitised virtually in 3D (from CAD, medical scanners, games & movies) are digitally manufactured by producing a series of layers stacked and laminated together into virtually any shape.

More recently, the media has projected ALM into the public psyche, particularly with the recent introduction of a plethora of ultra-low cost '3D Printers', such as Makerbot and RepRap.


ALM in the Media:

WMG in the News:

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