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Machining Research

Our researchers have experience in all classes of cutting tool materials from high-speed-steel to polycrystalline diamond. We conduct cutting trials in a tightly controlled environment with high-quality equipment and technical support, which ensures that the only variability is in the parameters which are being investigated.

Whether you are investigating metallic materials such as metal matrix composites (MMCs) and titanium alloys, or non-metallic materials such as carbon fibre composites (CFCs), we can help you to optimise your machining operations as well as to benchmark your products for machining performance in a systematic and controlled way.

DMG / MORI SEIKI ultrasonic demonstration

We have a long standing technical partnership with DMG / MORI SEIKI which ensures we always have a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art 5-Axis machining centres. These are complemented by excellent measurement and analysis facilities, which enables us to provide you with comprehensive metal cutting research.

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Professor Stuart Barnes