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National Polymer Processing Centre


WMG's National Polymer Processing Centre (NPPC) provides a hub for innovation and research in polymer processing. The Centre brings a fully integrated approach to plastics design, manufacturing and disposal, encompassing multifunctional design and low environmental impact. Research will focus on innovation in the manufacturing process and processing of advanced functional plastic and elastomer materials. The NPPC will offer bespoke training at all levels using a range of delivery styles, but also including access to ‘hands-on’ training, for the plastics and allied sectors. The NPPC will be housed in a new building planned for completion in 2017.

We have a significant track record of innovation and technology transfer in plastics processing. We have extensive capabilities and facilities across a wide range of processes and we have worked with large organisations and SMEs across a variety of sectors to develop and embed plastics processing. We offer capability within the plastics industry's most widely used processes including injection moulding, thermoforming, blow moulding and rotational moulding.

Our research is built upon four foundational principles for materials processing:

  1. Innovating the manufacturing process - including scale up of materials and processes
  2. Adding functionality - to materials and components
  3. Full integration into structure - maximising multifunctionality for high value manufacturing
  4. Sustainability and holistic environmental design including end of life

Further Information:

For enquiries about the work of the National Polymer Processing Centre, please email us at nppc at warwick dot ac dot uk or contact a member of the team.

WMG Research Capabilities

Working in collaboration with the WMG National Polymer Processing Centre also provides access to our breadth of expertise across a range of related disciplines including: