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National Plastics Processing Centre Team

Tony McNally

Professor Tony McNally

Director - National Plastics Processing Centre
Director - International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing
Email: T dot McNally at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor McNally is Director of the National Plastics Processing Centre. His research field is Polymer Science, Processing and Nanocomposites. Materials across the length scales, from macro- to micro- to nano- with an emphasis on sustainability issues and innovation in the processes used to manufacture plastic components.
Vannessa Goodship

Dr Vannessa Goodship

R&D Lead - Plastics Engineering
Email: V dot Goodship at warwick dot ac dot uk

Vannessa has spent her entire career working with plastic materials. She came to WMG in 1997 direct from the plastics industry having obtained both a BA and BSc by distance learning. Vannessa became a Principal Research Fellow in 2009. Her areas of specialism are plastics materials, their processing, and recycling. She has undertaken many research projects across this scope, most recently looking at multifunctional materials.
 Ben Wood

Dr Ben Wood

Business Development Manager
Email: Benjamin dot M dot Wood at warwick dot ac dot uk
Tel: 024 7657 2679
Profile | Recent Publications

Ben is a Mechanical Engineer with a research background in composites, high-performance fuels and sustainability. He has experience in product design and optimisation and has worked on a number of innovative demonstrator projects from green racing cars to simulators. He has most recently worked with SMEs in the West Midlands, helping them develop new products and manufacturing processes through the WMG SME Programme.
Gordon Smith

Professor Gordon Smith

Engineering Support, Emeritus Professor
Email: Gordon dot Smith at warwick dot ac dot uk
Profile | Recent Publications

Professor Smith is Emeritus Professor at WMG with many years’ experience as a key member of WMG’s Materials Group. He is a chemist who specialises in research on material processing and product usage with an emphasis on the application of advanced materials. He has worked with major automotive suppliers on the introduction of material innovations e.g. highly structural polymeric composite components such as safety critical subframes, wheels and wishbones.


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