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Premium Automotive Research & Development

What is PARD?

The £72M PARD Programme was launched in 2003 with the purpose of improving the design and manufacturing capability of the West Midlands automotive supply base.
At its height a multi-disciplinary team of over one hundred professional engineers and academics worked on nineteen separate projects within WMG. direct funding of £38m was provided by Advantage West Midlands and this was matched by contributions of staff time and resources from several hundred companies of all sizes, from the largest partner Jaguar Land Rover, through major Tier 1 suppliers, to numerous smaller operations.


Achievements of the programme

  • 120 engineers and researchers across 10 project teams based in WMG at The University of Warwick
  • 4-year applied research phase + 4-year implementation phase ending in 2011
  • Over 200 active partner companies contributing personnel and resources
  • 8 predetermined output targets to ensure regional economic benefits

Businesses Assisted


Value Add generated

£55.5 M

Research & Development investments made

£26.2 M

Intellectual Property Value created

£2.1 M

Learning Opportunities (30+hrs of training)

3,084 individuals

Individual Skills (NVQ4 qualifications)

38 individuals

New Products & Processes


Jobs Safeguarded