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Project Outcomes


With drive towards improvements in vehicle safety and weight reduction, the move towards the use of high performance materials such as high strength steels, aluminium alloys or other materials has intensified.  To take up these new materials an understanding of the production implications of these materials is required.

There are new joining techniques and developments to existing joining techniques that need to be robustly evaluated to ensure that they will meet the requirements of today's production arena.
Many of the issues associated with the use of joining processes are due to production variations that are currently inherent in the  method of manufacture.  Knowledge of what affects the joining techniques and how these can be controlled to guarantee product quality are essential to the profitability of a premium vehicle supply chain. 
This project will facilitate Suppliers and Manufacturers to fully understand the processes and support product and process opportunities presented, to apply these technologies and facilitate their application.


Advanced Body Joining
Low Volume; High Flexibility Manufacturing Project


BIW Technology Guild

Technical Papers