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Advanced Body Joining

Many technologies, whilst described as “implementation ready”, do not have a robust application plan which can guarantee reliable, consistent results.  The main thrust of the of the Advanced Body Joining program is to develop a robust knowledge base for the critical, targeted joining technologies identified.

The evaluation of technologies follows the methodology of:
  • Identifying the technology and understanding its stated benefits
  • Understanding how this technology is to be applied to a specific application and its benefits in that scenario.
  • Understanding the overall Business Benefits and Risks.
Once a decision has been made to evaluate the process further then the following steps are taken:
  • Process Window Evaluation - to understand how the process performs at its nominal design conditions.
  • Process Stability Evaluation - to understand how the process performs when subjected to expected / designed process variation.
  • Production Line trial - support is given when the process is trialled in a specific production application ensuring that the lessons learnt are applied.
These steps will then lead to a successful full application of the process.

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