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The flow of information is the lifeblood of any company, and smarter and slicker ways of processing and presenting data can generate real competitive advantage. The team at WMG has identified and focused on improving on a number of key operations including logistics, quality and warranty. Particular attention has been given to situations where information flows between companies, and improvements in this type of process can bring benefits to all organisations within the supply chain.


  • New unique internet-based system to improve the quality of products to vehicle production line using Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)


  • Developed system for addressing line-side production quality, resulting in significant time and cost benefits


  • New laptop based diagnostic tool using Bayesian belief networks for addressing vehicle issues in the field


  • New and unique web-based real-time system for tracking extended supply chain movements using latest generation Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID)



This video is an excerpt from the PARD DVD. It is 1:12 minutes in duration, and set to loop.


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 Chancellor Alistair Darling visits PARD
Chancellor, Alistair Darling visits WMG.



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