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Electrical and Electronic Integration


To meet customer and legislative demands, products such as cars, boats, trains and aircraft, require increasingly sophisticated and complex electrical and electronic systems. This project has developed methods and tools for the development and test of complex distributed electronic systems to address software integration and validation challenges within short development lifecycles. Additionally, the work of the team covered aspects of technology selection and simulation of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and intelligent recognition of the environment external to the vehicle.

  • Designed and delivered a modular automotive electronics training programme for partner companies 
  • New automotive validation research programme developed and an Electrical Validation Guild formed to enable technology transfer 
  • New diagnostics methods developed and a technology transfer project defined with a major diagnostics supplier
  • New agile software integration methods and software planning tools developed and applied to vehicle and Intelligent Transportation System projects



This video is an excerpt from the PARD DVD. It is 0:57 minutes in duration, and set to loop.


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Lab Car

Jaguar F-Type

Lab Car