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Hybrid & Eco-friendly Vehicles


Key to WMG's Low Carbon research drive, the Hybrid Vehicle project formed a vital element of the PARD Programme.

Many vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers are considering hybrid technology as a means to improve fuel economy and reduce vehicle emissions.  At present, there is insufficient real-world data relating to how hybrid vehicles perform, and it is therefore difficult for the manufacturers to develop a business case to support their introduction.  This project has focused on performance simulation to determine which components and configuration, or architecture, offer the greatest technical benefits, and used the results to drive a business analysis for a number of individual customer and fleet user profiles.  This comprehensive treatment helped the companies to make better investment decisions, and consequently reduced the risks associated with development and introduction of the technology.

  • Developed WARPSTAR - the Warwick Powertrain Simulation Tool for Architectures - in collaboration with over 50 partner companies.  This has been used to provide proof of concept for a number of manufacturers, including Jaguar Land Rover, Dennis Eagle and Westfield Sportscars
  • Developed a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis framework, to provide extensive whole-life costs for hybrid vehicle operation.  The line-by-line analysis provides cost per mile, whole life costs and lifetime CO² emissions for both individual and fleet use scenarios
  • Developed a Decision Support Tool, to help businesses make reasoned, repeatable decisions in a complex problem domain.  The tool integrates WARPSTAR and the cost/benefit analysis framework with an intuitive and familiar MS-Windows user interface
  • Designed and delivered a modular training programme covering hybrid technology, simulation, and commercial aspects, and delivered the courses to several companies 


This video is an excerpt from the PARD DVD. It is 1:30 minutes in duration, and set to loop.


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HEVC08      Hybrid & Eco-friendly Vehicle Conference         8 - 9 December 2008


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8 - 9 December 2008



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