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Vehicle Interior Air Quality - VIAQ

WMG’s Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) project aims to improve the customer experience inside cars, by developing the capability within the supply base to satisfy the emission requirements for emergent legislation in the UK. In Japan, manufacturers are already observing a voluntary code of conduct.

Specific objectives of the VIAQ project include:

Characterisation of selected vehicles and interior trim materials/components to determine current level of adherence to emerging VIAQ limits;

  • Formulating realistic materials/manufacturing solutions to address any significant departures from VIAQ requirements;

  • Delivering a recommended VIAQ test methodology and component performance specification;

  • Dissemination of information to supplier bases to enable targets to be met.

Achievements to date include:

Establishment of necessary baseline competence;

  • Defining/implementing sampling and test methodologies for vehicles/components;

  • Procurement of state-of-the-art analytical equipment suite, commissioned on site at WMG;

  • Completing full-vehicle VIAQ evaluation of selected vehicle models;

  • Completing initial round of materials evaluation to validate test and analysis process;

  • Commencement of engagement with component and materials suppliers;

  • Establishment of a template for data management.


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Lead Researchers:

Geraint Williams

Mark Pharaoh


2009. New Research into VIAQ.

Partners organisation interested in further VIAQ research contact the team.

Programme overview document. Click here



 Training Day Seminar

20 February 2008


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17 May 2007


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