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Seminar 2007


Interior Air Quality Seminar 2007


The Interior Air Quality Seminar was set up to establish a common understanding of the issues surrounding interior air quality, to provide a mechanism for future collaboration for working solutions and standards, and to facilitate the development of formal and informal networks across industry sectors.

Participants included vehicle manufacturers (Honda, Nissan and JLR), their first and second tier suppliers, manufacturers of materials and laboratory / test service providers. Although predominantly from the automotive sector, participants from the building sector, where air quality is an already well-established criterion, also took part. 

The seminar began with an introduction and update of the research being carried out into VIAQ by the Environmental Competence Project at WMG. Later in the day, there was an opportunity for the seminar participants to view the test facilities and talk to the research team about their work.

Presentations delivered during the seminar covered such topics as: vehicle test methods, developments in materials manufacture, lessons learned by the Building Industry and legislative trends. Presentations on VIAQ developments, from the point of view of a vehicle manufacturer, were given by delegates from Nissan and JLR.

The proceedings were concluded by a question-and-answer session, during which the need to reconvene for regular seminars was unequivocally stated. These will be held at 4-6 monthly intervals.

The delegates had the opportunity to establish useful contacts within the field of IAQ, and to suggest an agenda for further discussion and research.


  Seminar Overview - pdf


Pauline Madden
Project Engineer
Environmental Competence
Premium Automotive R & D Programme
Warwick Manufacturing Group


 19 June 2007