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Key Publications

Novel application of three-dimensional technologies in a case of dismemberment.
Forensic Science International
Baier W., Norman D., Warnett J. M., Payne M., Harrison N. P., Hunt N., Burnett B. and Williams M. A.

Moving towards in-line metrology : evaluation of a Laser Radar system for in-line dimensional inspection for automotive assembly systems.
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Kiraci E., Franciosa P., Turley G. A., Olifent A., Attridge A. and Williams M. A.

Cortical bony thickening of the lateral intercondylar wall: the functional attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament.
The American Journal of Sports Medicine
Norman D., Metcalfe A., Barlow T., Hutchinson C., Thompson P. J. M., Spalding T. and Williams M. A.

A metrological inspection method using micro-CT for the analysis of drilled holes in CFRP and titanium stacks.
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Kourra N., Warnett J., Attridge A., Dahnel A. N., Ascroft H., Barnes S. and Williams M. A.

Evaluating the capability of laser scanning to measure an automotive artefact : a comparison study of touch trigger probe and laser-scanning.
International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management
Kiraci E., Turley G. A., Attridge A., Olifent A. and Williams, M. A.

Towards in-process x-ray CT for dimensional metrology.
Measurement Science and Technology
Warnett J., Titarenko V., Kiraci E., Attridge A., Lionheart W. R. B., Withers P. J. and Williams M. A.