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Case Study - Envisage

3D Visualisation




A Challenge

Envisage is a small company based in Coventry (UK) that designs and engineers innovative new products for manufacture.

They got in touch with the PVCIT project at WMG when they came across a common problem. They wanted to turn a physical prototype model – in this case, an aeroplane seat – into a digital prototype to bring that product closer to its target audience during the design process. Due to the high cost of building a physical model of an aeroplane, they also wanted to create a digital environment in which to view the seat.


Dr Hadi Abulrub

“Envisage found working with us, they were able to communicate with their customers in ways they didn’t think were possible, and were delighted with the real added value to their business.”

Dr Hadi Abulrub, Research Fellow

A Solution

The PVCIT team invited Envisage designers and management to its 3D Visualisation Suite to try and understand their objectives and establish an action plan to expertly digitise their concept. They were then able to support them in creating a 3D model (1:1 scale) of the seat and an aeroplane environment in which to view it.


Digital Creation

PVCIT’s expert engineer, Dr. Hadi Abulrub, took Envisage’s CAD model that was designed in Autodesk’s ‘3D Max’ software and imported it into Autodesk’s ‘Showcase’ software. Showcase brings photorealistic texture, colouring, and lighting to the model, and also to the background environments in which it can be viewed.

With the digital prototype created, Envisage were not only able to view their aeroplane seat in 3D inside a 3D aeroplane environment, they were able to take a virtual tour around the aeroplane to see for themselves how their product would fit into its intended environment.


 Envisage concept aeroplane seat


The Benefits of 3D Visualisation

The current economic situation has increased the pressure on companies to minimise their costs, and that includes the cost of producing expensive physical prototypes at various stages of new product development.

Being able to see your product in 3D in its intended environment means that:

· the design process is accelerated

· the product reaches the market quicker

· you can have an interactive design view of your product


Get Involved

If you think you could benefit from working with WMG’s 3D Visualisation Suite, just call Dr. Hadi Abulrub on 02476 150 738 for a friendly, informal chat. Alternatively, you can e-mail him:, or you can fill out our online form. Hadi will be more than happy to listen and discuss how WMG can assist your business.


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