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Case Study - Jaguar Land Rover

Twin Column CMM


 Twin Column CMM


A Challenge

At Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) Castle Bromwich plant, the production line ends with a CMM scanner which measures around 200 features of finished car. This process takes 37 minutes for each car, and JLR wanted to look for ways to reduce this time in order to lower their costs.

Rather than install more CMM scanners at huge cost, JLR turned to Nikon Metrology who have developed a revolutionary digital cross scanner to fit to a CMM that allows simultaneous multi-angle scanning. Nikon Metrology called on WMG to collaborate with them on this pilot study and utilise our state-of-the-art facilities.


Alex Attridge

"Our facilities at WMG played a crucial role in bringing together Jaguar Land Rover and Nikon Metrology for this pilot study."

Alex Attridge, PVCIT Project Manager


A Solution

Working with the twin column CMM scanner installed at WMG, Nikon Metrology and PVCIT engineers were able to fit the new cross scanner head to the equipment and test them using the latest Jaguar XJ body shell.

With the cross scanner, the CMM only needs to make one pass over the subject to make a complete scan. In the test environment, the scan on the Jaguar body shell took 12 minutes, more than three times faster than before.


Cross scanner



Although the new cross scanner was a success, the study did show that in repeated tests, some of the body shell’s features showed a fairly broad tolerance, beyond JLR’s quality acceptance threshold in the production environment.

Therefore, as part of WMG’s HVM Catapult project, PVCIT engineers will continue working on the development of this technology to achieve the target reliability and repeatability required in a production environment, with the intention that in the future it might become a permanent fixture on the production line.



JLR realise the great potential of this work, which could someday provide cost savings in the hundreds of thousands.


Get Involved

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