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Case Study - McCamley

Wind Turbine


 McCamley wind turbine on 3D Powerwall


A Challenge

McCamley are an enterprising young company in the renewable energy sector. They have developed a range of revolutionary wind turbines, vastly different to the ones we’re used to seeing in rolling countryside. McCamley’s verticle axis turbines are compact, noise-free, and need very little wind to get started. They can also operate in storm-force winds, and are bird and bat friendly.

McCamley came to WMG hoping that we could support them in spreading the message about their new turbines. They want to be able to communicate their concept to interested parties without having to build expensive life-size prototypes.


 McCamley promotional video, courtesy of their website


A Solution

The PVCIT team at WMG were able to capture McCamley’s design and turn it into a life-size 3D model that can be interacted with in a photo-realistic digital environment.

McCamley are now able to communicate with potential investors, customers, and planning committees to illustrate and help realise the full potential of their innovative turbines.



Thanks to the PVCIT team’s 3D Visualisation technology, McCamley has already won significant investment from an overseas party who are keen to back their vision for revolutionising the renewable energy sector.


The Benefits of 3D Visualisation

The current economic situation has increased the pressure on companies to minimise their costs, and that includes the cost of producing expensive physical prototypes at various stages of new product development.

Being able to see your product in 3D in its intended environment means that:

· the design process is accelerated

· the product reaches the market quicker

· you can have an interactive design view of your product


Get Involved

If you think you could benefit from working with WMG’s 3D Visualisation Suite, just call Dr. Hadi Abulrub on 02476 150 738 for a friendly, informal chat. Alternatively, you can e-mail him:, or you can fill out our online form. Hadi will be more than happy to listen and discuss how WMG can assist your business.


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