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Case Study - Stable Solution

Handheld Laser Scanner




A Challenge

Stable Solution is an experienced motorsport design consultancy based in Warwickshire (UK) whose customers include Formula 1 and MotoGP race teams. They contacted WMG to see if we might be able to assist them in reducing the timescale of the design process.

This particular challenge involved designing a chassis to fit around a MotoGP engine at specific mounting points. As prototypes are expensive and time consuming, Stable Solution wanted to make sure it got the chassis design and dimensions correct first time.


Ercihan Kiraci

“Our laser scanning technology enabled Stable Solution to tailor their motorbike chassis to fit a MotoGP engine, which enhanced their capabilities to win races.”

Ercihan Kiraci, Project Engineer

A Solution

The PVCIT team at WMG believed that its laser scanning equipment would be able to help Stable Solution reduce its lead times, and invited its designers to visit them at Warwick University.

The team discussed how its laser scanning technology could help build a 3D model of the engine to aid the design of the chassis.



PVCIT’s expert engineer, Ercihan Kiraci, scanned the engine using a highly accurate handheld laser scanner. This measured the volume of the engine and pinpointed the placement of the critical mounting points to produce a 3D model.

Stable Solution were able to take this model back with them and use it to design their chassis with the confidence that they were going to get the right result first time.


Handheld Laser Scanner MotoGP Bike




The PVCIT kept in touch with the Stable Solution designers and invited them back to scan the prototype chassis that they had created. This is so that if any modifications needed to be made to the engine (and subsequently to the chassis), the changes could quickly be applied to the 3D digital model.



Stable Solution’s designers estimated that the PVCIT team’s assistance saved them two to three months of engineering time – a critical cost saving in a highly competitive market place.


Get Involved

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