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Design Review and Validation Technologies

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The Centre is utilising the latest 3D visualisation technologies to minimise the expensive and time consuming production of physical models and prototypes. This allows our researchers to evaluate the design in its digital form to optimise the new product development process, improving product quality and reducing time to market. Our partners have benefitted from the innovative 3D technology to keep physical prototypes to a minimum leading to significant time and cost saving.

With the increasing demand for innovation in business sectors, and with the advancement in 3D visualisation technologies and computer hardware, a growing range of applications and development can be utilised in virtual reality environments. This 3D visulisation suite is available for companies in all sectors (including the medical industry, transport, marine, aerospace, and construction etc.) to develop creative ways to enhance their business and services.

Collaborative partners in this area include Autodesk – a leading supplier of vehicle styling and design software, and HoloVis International – supplier of state-of-the-art visualisation technologies and solutions for large scale, ultra-high definition and active stereoscopic displays.



3D Visualisation has made the following socio-economic impact in the West Midlands region:

  • £1.5m in value added through process savings
  • 50 jobs safeguarded
  • 25 new jobs created
  • 15 new products and processes

 3D Visualisation Flyer - small 

Download the 3D Visualisation Flyer