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Micro Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner


CT Scanner


Micro CT scanning enables the high resolution capture of the complete 3D volume of an object. This technology is used for the non-destructive measurement of an object and the dimensional inspection of its internal features. The system projects a number of X-ray images through an object using a source of up to 320KV and reconstructs a 3D model composed of voxels. The system is designed to scan objects within a working volume of 250x250x600mm at a resolution from 5-120µm. Output can be processed as a series of DICOM images or in an .STL format used for Rapid Prototyping and reverse engineering applications. The Centre also has access to Simpleware software for creating FE meshes for further simulation and analysis.





Benefits of the Technology

Non destructive Capture – A unique insight into the internal features of a product without the needing to disassemble or

High resolution – up to 5µm to produce micro detailed 3D representation of objects including porosity

Versatility – output in a wide range of digital formats including dimensional analysis, fly through video files, rapid prototyping and CAD


CT Scanner Specifications

  • Nikon Metrology Large Cabinet XT H 320 LC Industrial X-ray and CT System
  • micro-focus 225kV X-ray or 320kV source
  • precision 5-axis manipulator can hold samples in excess of 50kg with dimensions of 0.6m (H) x 0.3m (D)
  • radiation shielding is better than 1µSv/hour external
  • fail-safe switches/relays ensure safe operation