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Optical CMM

Optical CMM


The Nikon Metrology K-series is one of the most modern handheld scanning solutions without mechanical constraints. It is capable of static and dynamic measurements with higher accuracy. Its applications are scanning large objects (i.e. a car component any size, or a full car), part-to-CAD inspection, reverse engineering and dynamic tests such as vibration and door closure testing.





Benefits of the Technology

Full freedom - scanning of large objects

On-site measurement application

Dynamic motion measurement


Optical CMM Specifications

  • Nikon Metrology K-610
  • 3 different measurement volumes
  • Mobile and portable configuration
  • Solid state, carbon fibre structure


Measurement Volume 17m3
Single Point Accuracy* up to 37µm
Volumetric Accuracy* up to 60µm
Temperature Range 15-40oC

* Accuracy at +/- 2σ