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Twin Column Large Volume CMM


Laser Scanner


The PET research group has a strong background in manufacturing quality and measurement technologies in the automotive industry, and a key capability of the Centre is the digital laser scanning capabilities offered by the twin column CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and optical CMM. Whilst traditionally quality data was collected through the touch probe measurement of key features, laser scanning technology now enables the user to characterise the entire surface of the product, which can then be compared to the original CAD specification or reverse engineered, visualised and manipulated. The key challenge for the Centre is to enable the end user to get exactly the information they need and make optimum use of the data captured.





Benefits of the Technology

Highly accurate product/component inspection – accuracies of up to 40µm and the ability to compare directly to the original CAD data

Versatile scanning technologies – capable of measuring the smallest fixings up to a whole vehicle, with either high accuracy or portable systems

Reverse engineering – ability to generate a digital CAD or surface model from the scan data collected though the use of appropriate software


Horizontal Scanning Arm Specifications

  • Nikon Metrology LK H Premium Horizontal Arm CMM
  • granite table and X guideway
  • ceramic Y and Z guideways
  • high efficiency air bearings
  • zero hysteresis friction drives
  • Renishaw scales (0.5µm)
  • Probe system:
    • Digital touch trigger probe
    • Peck or continuous scanning
    • Stylus and/or probe changer
Volume Range 4000x1200x1000mm
to 10000x1600x 2500mm
Volumetric Accuracy 8.0+L/250
Repeatability 4.5µm
Velocity 32 m/min
Acceleration 4000 m/min²
Environment 20°C +/- 2°C


Scanning Head Specifications

  • Nikon Metrology XC65D Digital Cross Scanner
  • multi-stripe laser technology observes part from 3 directions
  • point-per-point laser intensity adaptation


Scan Speed

Cross Scanner mode: 3 x 25,000 pts/s

Line scanner mode: 1 x 75,000pts/s

75 lines/s

Width of View 3x65mm (3x2.56”)
Depth of View 3x65mm (3x2.56”)
Stand Off Distance (approx.) 75mm (2.95”)
Accuracy* 15 μm (0.0006”)
Dimensions 155x86x142mm (6.1x3.4x5.6”)
Weight (approx.)

440g (0.97lbs)

CMM Mounting Renishaw PH10M(Q) motorized indexing probe head with Multiwire
Laser Class 2M (visible)


*1σ depending on CMM & according to Metris acceptance procedure.