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Adhesive Bonding


Adhesive Bonding


The Process

Granular Hot Melt (GHM) adhesives are a family of adhesive products that are widespread throughout the packaging and soft-goods sectors, but are a niche product in the automotive sector. Used for non-structural applications, GHM adhesives can provide a level of recyclability and gap-fill performance unmatched by conventional adhesive product. The assessment and characterisation of these innovative adhesives has led to the development of a new testing strategy for assessing the functional performance of an adhesive and its application system. The outputs from this assessment process include the definition of the process envelope, failure modes and recovery strategies which enable more robust applications and business cases to be developed.


The Benefits

  • Understanding the influence of selectable parameters
  • Understanding the influence of uncontrollable factors (e.g. ambient temperature, panel contamination etc.)
  • Determining the process limits
  • Understanding the process failure modes and the required recovery actions
  • Demystifying the technology