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Dimensional Management


Dimensional Management 


The Process

Dimensional Management is concerned with understanding and controlling manufacturing process variation. It has two main applications: to control the variability from the manufacturing processes to ensure that the customer experiences products as close as possible to the design intent; and also to ensure that the effects of normal variability are protected for during the design and engineering of a new product. Dimensional Management has its foundations in Statistical Process Control and is supported by the application of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing, robust metrology, quality tools and simulation software.

The Benefits

By reducing manufacturing process variation, manufacturers can reduce the direct costs and effects of scrap and rework in their processes whilst delivering higher quality products to their customers. By making the design of products more tolerant to variation, Dimensional Management will also reduce the cost of production tooling and enable faster introduction of new models through reduced development and maturation phases. Furthermore, products that are less sensitive to manufacturing process variation are more reliable and durable in service, whilst still meeting the requirements of demanding customers.