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WMG Research Seminar:July

WMG Research Seminar: July

12pm-1.30pm, Wednesday 27th July '11

Location: Auditorium, International Manufacturing Centre

Keynote: Dr Kerry Kirwan

Title: Lean, Mean and Green (or not that bl@*$y car again!!)


Being green is often perceived as being boring and sustainable materials thought of as somehow inferior to traditional materials. The WorldF3rst racing project was established to dispel those myths and show just what could be achieved with sustainable, natural and recycled materials. Using a F3 race car as a real world demonstrator has pushed previously unconsidered materials into the demanding motorsport arena and they are performing as well as more traditional materials such as carbon fibre. This interactive, multi-award winning lecture will present the origins of the WorldF3rst car; discuss the different technologies that were adopted and look at how the project has demonstrated sustainable materials can be competitive in the marketplace. It will also present what the future opportunities in the area are.

Be warned – this lecture requires audience participation!!!


Dr Kerry Kirwan is an Associate Professor at WMG, University of Warwick. He is the Strategic Director of the new £10m Industrial Doctorate Centre and Deputy Head of the Materials and Manufacturing Theme Group within WMG. He is a specialist in sustainable materials, polymer processing and automotive applications, having graduated from Warwick’s Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programme in 2003, specialising in innovative materials for automotive glazing. He has considerable experience in both injection moulding and novel utilisation of polymers and has published extensively in these areas and secured a number of patents.

Opening talk: Thomas Blenkinsop

Title: The potential of low carbon energy supplies, and their application to the developing world’ -


Access to modern energy has been identified as a crucial factor in raising the standard of living for millions of people worldwide. However over 40% of the world population is estimated to still be living without access to any modern energy service or are solely reliant upon traditional biomass for cooking. The majority of these people live in the rural and isolated communities of developing countries where the provision of modern energy via conventional means can be a complex and expensive process; not just financially but environmentally.

The aim of this research is to explore and identify the potential of various low carbon technologies (LCT) capable of providing a viable and sustainable means by which modern energy services can be delivered to these communities while also minimising the negative impacts on the local economy, social dynamic and the local and wider environment. This talk will give an overview of the avenues and approaches that will be undertaken in order to accomplish this.


Thomas completed his Research Masters at Warwick in 2010, in conjunction with WMG and the Biological Sciences department. His work investigated the environmental and socioeconomic issues surrounding the production of ‘clean' diesel from waste plastics.

Now under the supervision of Dr Kerry Kirwan and Dr Stuart Coles he has started a PhD within the Sustainable Materials Group in WMG, with research interests centred around the supply of sustainable energy to rural communities through the use of low carbon technologies


12:00 – Opening talk: The potential of low carbon energy supplies, and their application to the developing world’ – Thomas Blenkinsop
12:15 – Keynote: Lean, Mean and Green (or not that bl@*$y car again!!) – Dr Kerry Kirwan
13:05 – Posters and Lunch
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