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WMG Research Seminars May 2011

12pm - 1:30pm, Tue, 17 May '11

Location: Auditorium, International Manufacturing Centre

Keynote: Prof Lucy Hooberman, WMG

Title: Digital Media and Innovation at WMG - An Introduction


This talk will be an Introduction to Digital Media and Innovation at WMG which focuses on the collaborative cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary opportunities created by the age of digital convergence.

Lucy will be discussing future plans and collaborations within the area.


Prof. Hooberman joined the University of Warwick in 2008 from the BBC and career in Industry. Since 2001, Lucy has worked in the field of Innovation and Creativity at the BBC as part of the blue skies team set up to transform the organisation with the advent of the World Wide Web. This transformational period included business process innovation, innovation for products and services, culture change and futurefocused work such as scenario planning and trends analysis.

Opening Talk: Dr Vibhor Aggarwal, WMG

Title: High Fidelity Rendering on Shared Resources


The generation of high-fidelity imagery is a computationally expensive process and parallel computing has been traditionally employed to alleviate this cost. However, traditional parallel rendering has been restricted to expensive shared memory or dedicated distributed processors. In contrast, parallel computing on shared resources such as a computational or a desktop grid, offers a low cost alternative. But, the prevalent rendering systems are currently incapable of seamlessly handling such shared resources as they suffer from high latencies, restricted bandwidth and volatility. A conventional approach of rescheduling failed jobs in a volatile environment inhibits performance by using redundant computations. Instead, clever task subdivision along with image reconstruction techniques provides an unrestrictive fault-tolerance mechanism, which is highly suitable for high-fidelity rendering. This talk presents novel fault-tolerant parallel rendering algorithms for effectively tapping the enormous inexpensive computational power provided by shared resources.


Dr Vibhor Aggarwal is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick. He complete his PhD in Engineering from WMG in 2010 and a BE in Computer Engineering with distinction from University of Delhi, India, in 2007. He has published papers on high- fidelity rendering algorithms for shared distributed resources. His current research interests include high-fidelity rendering, desktop grids and fault-tolerant algorithms.


12:00 Opening talk: High Fidelity Rendering on Shared Resources - Dr. Vibhor Aggarwal

12:15 Keynote: Digital Media and Innovation at WMG - an Introduction - Prof. Lucy Hooberman

13:10 – Posters and Lunch

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