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WMG Research Seminar: November

WMG Research Seminar: 12pm-1.30pm, Tuesday 1st November

Location: Auditorium, International Digital Lab

Keynote: Dr Stuart Coles
Title:   Wealth out of Waste
Materials made through sustainable manufacturing routes are being driven by emerging legislation and socio-political demands for their production. This alongside increased consideration of life-cycle analysis has led to researchers adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to manufacturing everyday items via novel technologies. The work at Warwick has been focussed on the development of an integrated biorefinery approach to produce fuels, chemicals, polymers and solid residues for energy recovery all from one waste feedstock, whilst keeping the energy and other associated inputs to a minimum. This presentation will address each of the individual steps in the process in turn and highlight where the products may have future industrial applications.
Stuart Coles is an Assistant Professor in the Materials and Manufacturing theme group of WMG. His main research interests are the bioprocessing of waste streams into useful materials, manufacturing of biocomposites & fuels and the electrospinning of polymers, both synthetic and natural. He was awarded his PhD in 2006 on Group 4 Half-Sandwich AlkenePolymerisation Catalysts under the supervision of Prof. Peter Scott. Since then, he has developed a novel process for mimicking the composition of plant oils in the laboratory and replicating their behaviour in specific applications, e.g. polymer synthesis (polyurethanes,polyesters, epoxy resins) and biodiesel. Stuart has also been a part of the internationallysuccessful Eco One and WorldFirst racing car projects, working on areas such as the bodywork and the fuel (from a chemical perspective). Most recently, he has been researching on the new area of electrospinning nanofibres of polymeric materials and has been part of the 'Wealth Out Of Waste' project, looking at extracting base materials from degraded plant waste.
12:00 – Opening talk: TBC
12:15 – Keynote: Wealth out of Waste - Dr Stuart Coles
13:05 – Posters and Lunch
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