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Collaborator Forum

Engage across sectors and disciplines to embed and develop customer responsive supply chain theory into practical solutions, with demonstrated returns.


What is the Collaborator Forum?

A select group of forward thinking companies turning rhetoric into practical reality.

This ‘inner circle’ will push forward the boundaries of supply chain practice, through projects tailored to meet the specific needs of their business. Members will be open minded, collaborative, pragmatic and results orientated.

Forum members will each bring a different perspective and skill set, from end-user supply chain organisations, to supply re-design and supply chain analytics consultants, and organisations from the legal and HR sectors, to academic researchers.

The Forum has been established at the request of industrial partners and is supported by the broader capability base of WMG, at the University of Warwick. The focus will be on company-based projects, practice-oriented events, WMG-led research projects and educational resources such as MOOCs and online resources.

Forum Goals

  • Accelerate adoption of leading practice in supply chain
  • Establish a cross-sector framework for leading practice
  • Foster cross-sector learning and application
  • Pragmatic approach leading to a set of tools / approaches
  • Publish high quality papers (practitioner and academic)
  • Measurable improved performance


Collaborator Commitment

As a member of the SCiP Collaborator Forum you will be an active participant in improving supply chain management; sharing promising practices and combining experience to more effectively leverage your supply chain to create and sustain competitive advantage.

In order to do this most effectively, a certain level of commitment is required.


  • Attendance at quarterly review meetings
  • Access for company-based projects
  • Participation in relevant WMG-led projects
  • Support the development of practitioner outputs (e.g. review, critique, presentations)
  • £7.5k per annum


Collaborators should be:

  • Open minded
  • Collaborative
  • Results orientated
  • Pragmatic
  • Critical thinkers

SCiP provides us with an excellent, and in some ways, unique opportunity to benchmark our supply chain management capability. On the face of it we might appear to be a disparate group but it is my expectation that despite the differences in our operating contexts we will benefit hugely from each other's experience, knowledge and insight in exploring and revising approaches to common challenges."

Andy Chappell,
Head of Supply Chain Capability - Marine & Technology, Babcock International Group