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Case Study

Supporting Company


The Challenge

The fact that SMEs still need to acquire knowledge regarding the xport process when they decide to internationalise their operations is recognised. Having this knowledge will help these companies in improving their performance leading them to compete successfully in the international marketplace. The study defines the characteristics of internationalisation strategies with regards to export.

The Outcome

The identification of the key elements and the related challenge that derive from them as well as recommendations for their reduction, and when possible, their elimination, represents a practical study aimed at supporting inexperienced SMEs throughout the exporting process. In this regard, it should be seen by first-time exporters as a handbook that would guide and foster their performance thanks to a diminution in the lack of knowledge and expertise they have of the process. In light of this, this research aimed at covering the gap in existing literature as well as the gap these companies have in the understanding of the process that remains the biggest challenge they face.