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Supply Chain and Logistics

About the Supply chain and Logistics Research Team

The Supply Chain and Logistics Research Team is part of WMG’s diverse research capabilities focusing primarily on the supply chain and logistics development and its management upgrading for the UK and international organisations. Internally it is closely linked with many other research teams and individuals in the WMG to form a harmonious and yet complementary whole that best leverages WMG's internal intellectual resources. Externally it seeks to engage any aspiring organisations where our research ideas and innovation can be tested and best applied to generate economic and societal value. The team operates flexibly but proactively in indentifying, creating and securing business services and research opportunities. With already established international partners the team has been pursuing uncompromising international standard and business proficiency. It will in time raise its profile through its achievement, and partnership with many respectable international institutions.

 Research Scope:
  • Logistics system design and planning
  • Supply chain relationships and supplier development
  • Logistics service value chain modelling
  • Performance measure and world class benchmarking
  • Supply base rationalisation and supply chain integration
  • Strategic mapping and competitiveness diagnosis
  • Knowledge management system and implementation

International Collaborators:


Current and past project clients and partners: 


Dawei Lu

Key Contact:

Dr. Dawei Lu

Email: d dot lu at warwick dot ac dot uk

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