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Current and Past Projects

RBS Insurance World Class Assessment and Accreditation

The partnership between WMG‐WBS and RBS Insurance has resulted in the improvement of business performance that is nothing short of an industry leading transformation programme to RBS’s multi brand insurance business. It was initiated by the foresight of RBS Insurance leadership, with an ambition to breathe fresh life in to what was already a major success story. By working in partnership with WMG & WBS, RBS Insurance was able to tap into a foundation of sound research and transformational model development by leading edge academic bodies. Armed with this insight RBS Insurance was able to excel in their journey of improvements through the avid commitment from everyone in the organisation.

The fruition of the partnership has been evident in the business performance results, and further enhanced by the significantly increased customer satisfaction and recognition via external assessment and awards. Notably throughout this change programme employee involvement and engagement has increased year on year, which is testament to a highly successful change programme, especially when you consider the changing business and economic environment during the programme. The learning achieved throughout the partnership has often turned out to be unique in that they represent RBS Insurance’s own signature practices not seen anywhere else that could well become the best practice in industry sector.

There have certainly been many resultant changes in operations, process design, operating models and structure, the ultimate aim of all of these activities has been to create a culture and an organisation able to deal with change effectively and to continuously look for and embrace further opportunities for improvement. This appetite to continually change and improve, positions RBS Insurance for the next stage in its story, to become the No 1 General Insurer in the UK, as a significant standalone company in the FTSE 100 by 2013.

Reconfiguring the Value Chain - Bo-Yuan Logistics

Bo-Yuan Logistics (Group) Limited Company (Bo-Yuan) is a professional service supplier in steel-related and package logistics industries. The registered capital of Bo-Yuan is 50 million Chinese yuan and the asset size is more than 700 million Chinese yuan at the end of 2010. Bo-Yuan runs business in almost the whole steel supply chain which covers procurement, storage, processing, packaging, delivery and returned logistics, and the other major field which Bo-Yuan focuses on is the manufacturing, delivery and recycle of package containers/pallets. Bo-Yuan also offers steel markets and logistics parks services at the same time. After ten years continuous exploration and development, Bo-Yuan has become a group company which has more than 10 subsidiaries and 600 staff.

To meet the demand from the fast growing market and face up to the fierce competition in the steel bar product design and fabrication market, in which many small and medium sized steel bar fabrication companies have already taken strong foot hold, BYL has been pursuing religiously the innovative ways to better serve its customers and grow its customer base. As one of the first major steps, BYL vertically integrated the standard steel bar fabrication process and added in the packaging and warehousing on top of the usual transportation services. This business model has lead to a significant cost saving for the client companies as they can consolidate most of the required services from one major reputable provider. As a result, BYL beefed up its competitiveness, increased its market share and further established its brand image in the steel bar industry.

By 2008, BYL executives took a further major and possibly even a risky move to vertically integrate the steel bar components fabrication into its extended business scope, resulting in a further re-configuration of the steel bar supply chain. It was risky because in China’s steel bar industry this was not a done-thing. BYL invested heavily in the purchasing of some of the state-of-the-art equipments and created a process that can fabricate steel bar components efficiently at an unprecedented high quality standard. Attractive price and high standard customer services were also proffered to the client componies in order to break the initial resistance. Today this new logistics service and manufacturing model has become a leading benchmark in its industry.


Knowledge Management System in Jiayi Logistics Company



  • Logistics network realignment (Charoen Pokphand Group, Thailand)
  • Supplier early involvement in NPI process
  • Carbon footprint in green strategy in TVS India
  • Developing integrated logistics service for OEMs (JIAYI Express, China)




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