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Team Members

Dr. Dawei Lu

Dr. Dawei Lu is a Principal Teaching Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, UK, where he has served as a full-time permanent academic staff for over 22 years. Dr. Lu is a course leader for Supply Chain Management courses at master and executive training levels. He delivers the courses across 6 different countries internationally. He currently leads a Logistics and Supply Chain Research Team within WMG, and has successfully managed many high profile industry funded projects and consulting assignments. He also gives invited talks to academic community and publishes research work in professional journals regularly. He is also a non-executive director for two logistics companies, taking a role of strategic advisor.

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Ms. Mairi Macintyre 


    Dr. Chris Bale

    Eur Ing Dr. Chris Bale brings the benefits of his 35-year career in automotive powertrain and systems R&D, engineering outsourcing and component manufacturing. He has been an independent consultant to the development of UK suppliers for almost 15 years and made a significant contribution to the establishment of modern automotive supply chains in India from 2000 and 2006. Most recently, Chris has contributed his expertise in supplier development and coordination, particularly in the areas of high-technology automotive engineering and manufacturing. He is a visiting lecturer and project supervisor in Supply Chain Management at Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, where he has provided teaching, assessment and consultancy since 1998.

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    David Sharpe 

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    • Mr. James Chunzhi JU


    • Miss. Lyn Piyanee Sangpongpittaya